Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Expectation from a University –Dr. Ravindra Kumar

A university is a centre of higher studies and research. Final assessment of acquired knowledge and honed skill of one is made by a university. On the basis of this, a degree is awarded to a student-researcher further to enable one to step forward to achieve a goal in life through Purushartha –righteous acts, prudence and dedication in particular. Undoubtedly, a university lays down a roadmap to one according to achievements made by him on the basis of his endeavours, intellect and skill, and guides him to embark on a successful life journey. Therefore, the significance of a university in man’s life is self-evident. An educationist always wishes a university to be capable of fulfilling desired expectations according its basic spirit and purpose. Continuous availability of well experienced professors, worthy study-materials and facilities for research and experiments are the basic necessary features of a good university. However, creation of syllabi according to the demand of time and space, and their implementation is, in fact, the foremost expectation of the day from a university. Further, in these days of rapidly increasing process of globalization, co-operation and co-ordination with other institutions of higher studies and research, and exchange of programmes/achievements at national and international platforms, is the most important. It is the higher expectation from a successful university toady. Autonomy and self-sufficiency are not only important for a university, but is the acid test of the real progress and achievements made by it on its own strength and guidelines. A university must be self-sufficient through its own resources –performance in the economic field. Through this a university can achieve its objective. Only a self-reliant university can be an absolute institution that a true educationist envisions to produce a constructive society. Moreover, a university is expected to maintain discipline along with safeguarding national values, culture and the way of life. A visionary leading a university keeps these in his mind on priority, and devises a full-proof plan to work accordingly.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Egotism Lives at the Cost of Social and Individual Peace by Dr. Ravindra Kumar in Bhavan's Journal (Mumba) on November15, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lt. General Srinivas Kumar Sinha –Dr Ravindra Kumar

My heartfelt condolences on the sad and ultimate demise of Lt. General Srinivas Kumar Sinha (SK Sinha), the Former Governor of Jammu & Kashmir! I knew him as a man of principles, an able Commandant and administrator, a nationalist and a nice human being! I remember the day, the December 27th, 2006 when he conferred on me the First Sardar Patel International Award in New Delhi.