Thursday, April 29, 2010

International Seminar on Peace and Education - Organized by World Peace Movement Trust in Mumbai (India)

May 15-16, 2010

Convener: Dr. Ravindra Kumar

The World Peace Movement Trust (Registered) is organizing two days international seminar on Education and Peace at The Club, 197, D. N. Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai (India) on May 15-16, 2010. Academicians-professors, peace educator-activists and socialists and statesmen from India and many other countries of the world, such as Afghanistan, Australia, Germany, Poland, Kuwait, Thailand, Turkey, and United States are expected to express views on various aspects related to the theme of the Seminar through their papers, and suggest the world the way to achieve peace and harmony at the global level.
The World Peace Movement Trust was founded by Dr. Ravindra Kumar, an internationally known Gandhian scholar, writer and former vice chancellor of CCS University, India in end of the last decade of the Twentieth Century as wished by leading literary luminaries and lovers of peace all over the world. Headquarter of the Trust is with its Founder Dr. Ravindra Kumar at Meerut and the following are the main activities of the Trust:
  • To publish an international journal of peace studies;
  • To inspire people all over the world for commitment towards non-violence by signing pledges;
  • To organize seminars, symposiums, and lectures on subjects related to peace at national and international levels; and
  • To bring out literature/books on various topics related to peace and harmony.
During the last one decade besides continuously bringing out the Global Peace (An International Journal of Philosophy, Peace, Education, Culture and Civilization), and publishing 7 books on peace and harmony, and inspiring hundred and thousands of people all over the world for their commitment towards non-violence by signing pledges, the Trust has organized four international seminars in Mumbai and Meerut on Education, Peace and Development (2000), Non-Violence and Democracy (2002), on Human Rights (2004), and on Mahatma Gandhi (2006).  
Dr. Ravindra Kumar, the Founder (who is also working as its Secretary-General), is of the opinion that seminars and symposiums are healthy means to bring likeminded and sincere people together on the one hand, and they provide a platform for analysis and discussion in prevailing circumstances and as per the demand of time, and thus pave the way to prepare people for a fundamental change. Therefore, organizing such kind of events is the commitment of the World Peace Movement Trust. Especially, in these days of constantly increasing process of globalization when going ahead together has become necessary, the significance of an international seminar on an important issue such as Education and Peace multiplies many folds. Hence, the forthcoming seminar in Mumbai should prove a milestone of the way.
Further, as a step forwards the Trust has decided to work towards promulgating education particularly among the rural masses where in many communities, especially in western and northern parts of the country, up to ninety percent people (mostly women) are still illiterate.           
Eminent people like Rajmata Krishna Kumari of Jodhpur, socialite Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak (Founder of Sulabh International), Dr. Chritian Bartolf (Chair, Gandhi Information Zentrum, Germany), Gandhian Dr. S. N. Subba Rao, Kemele Oupa Seane (DO, Nobel Peace Laureate Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, U. S. A.), and educationists Prof. Candice Carter (U. S. A.), Professor Paitoon Patyaiying (Thailand), Professor Kazuyo Yamane (Japan), and Professor Johannes D. Schmidt (Denmark) are among those closely connected to activities of the World Peace Movement Trust. Currently Professor Siddheshwar Prasad, a noted Gandhian scholar and former Governor of Tripura is the President of the Trust while Mr. Lakhmenrda Khurana is one of its Trustees and chairman for the organizing committee of the forthcoming Seminar in Mumbai.   

Based on article prepared by Professor P. Patyaiying from Dr. Ravindra Kumar's statement issued to national-international press.

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