Monday, April 9, 2012

Education and Responsibility of Teachers’ Community–Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Education is a process to play the vital role in man’s life without compromising to the basic spirit in its root. It is simultaneously a process of making the prevailing circumstances conducive to pave the way for the development in real sense. As per the demand, dynamism and refinement are its foremost features and in the absence of which neither it becomes meaningful nor it can be fruitful. Each and everyone associated with the process of education at any level, the community of teachers in particular, must realize this fact. It is due to the indifference to this reality, knowingly or unknowingly, the standard of education is declining day-by-day. Moreover due to the lack of owing responsibility by the community of teachers and giving priority to their own self-interests, education is continuously abstaining from its real aim. It is a matter of great concern. Along with this, increasing commercialization of education has resulted in poor quality of education, and further not taking any concrete step to check it from the government side and also no unyielding efforts for improvement from the community of teachers, make the situation more serious. In such a state a ray of hope can be those who are associated with the education process, especially the community of teachers. It is high time now that teachers realize their responsibility towards the humanity. There is no other way out but to improve and reform the process of education to make it more creditable and welfaristic in current perspective.                      

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