Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Non-Violence and Peace Education –Professor Dr. Ravindra Kumar

Ahimsa [non-violence] and Shanti [peace] are integral to each other. Likewise, both of them deserve to be part of formal education system at the global level, not just as reference points, but as full-fledged major subject. Further, non-violence and peace deserve as much, if not more, of practical treatment as theoretical dispensation. They are, as a matter of fact, for the development of a holistic personality, which is the ultimate objective of education all over the world. In simple words, they are a subject matter of day-to-day dealings; therefore, the subject of harmony and camaraderie in practical living. That is why; Mahatma Gandhi, while explaining the basic sprit in the root of word Ahimsa has said that non-violence in true and applied sense is active goodwill toward life in totality. Similarly, Gautama Buddha, while analyzing Shanti has rightly pointed out that equality and harmony are the bed rocks of sustainable peace. Apart from this, both of them called upon each and everyone human being for creating the atmosphere brimming with social equality and harmony. To achieve this objective, they worked for awakening of the masses and motivated them for actions with their own personal examples. It was, thus, categorically the best of education in their respective times, and is well worthy of consideration in current perspective as well as for all times to come. It is high time to ponder over this reality –particularly by those who are concerned with lack of harmony and goodwill in today’s educated youth and are charged with desire to change this status. Undoubtedly, the only way out to this end is through non-violence and peace education. Let us tread this way, the way of non-violence and peace education.

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