Friday, January 31, 2014

Morality: Essence and Reality –Professor Dr. Ravindra Kumar

“The very essence of our civilization is that we give a paramount place to morality in all our affairs, public or private.” –MK Gandhi

The word morality is essentially associated with man’s practices, his character, intention and dealings in particular. Along with this, morality accords strength to judge what is wrong and right, and enables to choose the right and welfaristic. That is why; the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius had mentioned in this regard, “Wisdom, compassion and courage are the three universally recognized moral...”
It is now evident that morality is not just an idea or a theoretical concept. Rather, it is a subject related to human behaviour. Further, if we go into reality of basic spirit in the root of word morality, we categorically observe that the acid test of morality is the performance of duty or discharging responsibility. Therefore, it is inevitable for proper governance of the system, from individual to universal. Subscribing to morality is necessary to make life worthy and meaningful.
Morality is timeless and significant. It is, however, not beyond the domain of law of change. It is a subject matter of refinement as per the demand of time.


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sushila said...

Very well defined though I expected a lot on this topic.