Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections –Professor Dr. Ravindra Kumar

The forthcoming Lok Sabha elections are very important for us, the Indians. They are most significant, perhaps, since India’s freedom from the colonial rule from the viewpoint of country’s unity, integrity and a national polity. Besides India’s broad-based nationalism [dedicated eventually to the cause of whole of humanity], culture, way of life and its place in the Twenty-First Century world in particular would be decided most tellingly from these elections. It is, therefore, the duty of all of Indians to ensure their participation in the election process. They should overcome all caste, class and religious-community based discriminations and elect representatives in the overall interest of the Indian nation.

We, Indians, are once again on the verge of making history. It is the time to showcase our unity and exercise our franchise to build a mature political mandate, which we have been lacking for quite some time, but which none the less is absolutely necessary for our worthy existence, prosperity and rightful place in world.  

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