Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Expectation from a University –Dr. Ravindra Kumar

A university is a centre of higher studies and research. Final assessment of acquired knowledge and honed skill of one is made by a university. On the basis of this, a degree is awarded to a student-researcher further to enable one to step forward to achieve a goal in life through Purushartha –righteous acts, prudence and dedication in particular. Undoubtedly, a university lays down a roadmap to one according to achievements made by him on the basis of his endeavours, intellect and skill, and guides him to embark on a successful life journey. Therefore, the significance of a university in man’s life is self-evident. An educationist always wishes a university to be capable of fulfilling desired expectations according its basic spirit and purpose. Continuous availability of well experienced professors, worthy study-materials and facilities for research and experiments are the basic necessary features of a good university. However, creation of syllabi according to the demand of time and space, and their implementation is, in fact, the foremost expectation of the day from a university. Further, in these days of rapidly increasing process of globalization, co-operation and co-ordination with other institutions of higher studies and research, and exchange of programmes/achievements at national and international platforms, is the most important. It is the higher expectation from a successful university toady. Autonomy and self-sufficiency are not only important for a university, but is the acid test of the real progress and achievements made by it on its own strength and guidelines. A university must be self-sufficient through its own resources –performance in the economic field. Through this a university can achieve its objective. Only a self-reliant university can be an absolute institution that a true educationist envisions to produce a constructive society. Moreover, a university is expected to maintain discipline along with safeguarding national values, culture and the way of life. A visionary leading a university keeps these in his mind on priority, and devises a full-proof plan to work accordingly.


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